Gail M. Humble, MD
Klotho Skin, San Francisco, CA

Dr. Humble is a medical doctor specifically in aesthetic anti-ageing based in San Francisco and Los Angeles locations. Her undergraduate studies were in genetics and regenerative medicine has been her passion. She lectures nationally and internationally on anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine. She is a frequent lecturer at the World Congress of Anti-Ageing Medicine and is a published author of research-based, medical and non-medical articles. Her published medical research articles can be found within medical journals including Dermatologic Surgery and the Journal of Facial and Plastic Surgery. With a core belief that our external beauty should reflect the beauty we feel inside, Dr. Humble founded Klotho Skin with the intention to achieve a truly effective method to maintain youthful skin.


Background: The clinical sequelae of photodamage including wrinkling, pigmentary changes, texture change, laxity, and Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), can all result in the appearance of aging skin.2 Underlying these visible signs are various histological and cytological changes induced by acute or chronic ultraviolet (UV) exposure, inclusive of collagen breakdown and oxidative damage on a cellular level. The Klotho gene is an age suppressor gene originally identified in a mouse strain.1 A defect in Klotho expression in mice leads to a syndrome resembling accelerating aging,1 whereas overexpression of Klotho in mice extends their life span.2 In view of the cell injury induced by UVB, the Klotho protein may be an ideal therapy to eliminate UVB-induced cell damages and the associated signaling pathways. The Klotho protein protects cells and tissues from oxidative stress, by increasing FOXO1 and Sodium Oxide Dismutase, which acts as a cellular anti-oxidant.5,6,9 Furthermore cellular studies show an increase in collagen 3 after UVB radiated cells were exposed to a mixture of the Klotho protein with growth factors.17 

Objective: We developed a patented process in which we utilize a promoter gene and a vector on an adult mesenchymal stem cell in vitro, to upregulate the Klotho gene and produce the Klotho protein with highly potent growth factors. We collected the Klotho protein and these growth factors in the cell conditioned medium which makes 25% of our facial serum, Klotho Skin. This study evaluated the reduction of visible signs of photoaging, texture, and wrinkles for Fitzpatrick skin types II through V. Efficacy of the serum was documented by improvement in facial photoaging, texture and wrinkles, utilizing the VISIA Skin Analysis system. 

Methods: 10 Subjects were instructed to apply Klotho Skin twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening for a three-month period. Subjects were evaluated at baseline and after 4, 8, and 12 weeks of product usage. Clinical evaluations were conducted at each visit. A self-assessment questionnaire was conducted at week 4, week 8, and week 12. The self-assessment questionnaire included product efficacy evaluation as well as any significant changes in skin care routine and sun exposure. VISIA facial assessment scanning was conducted at baseline, week 4, week 8, and week 12. Clinical evaluations were made by analyzing skin texture, elasticity, and sun damage through the VISIA, furthermore capturing key visual information on the surface and in the deeper layers of the skin. The multispectral imaging measured facial wrinkles and fine lines under uniform white light. 

Results: Since this study is ongoing preliminary results presented here are for the 4- and 8-week mark only. Based on clinical assessment 80% patients showed a decrease in wrinkles (40%), improvement of texture (50%), and decline of photodamage (80%) in both supraorbital and periorbital regions. 

Conclusion: The application of the Klotho protein and second-generation growth factor in a serum was found highly effective in improving visible signs of photoaging, inclusive of texture and wrinkles. This result is most likely due to the increase resistance of oxidative stress occurring on a cellular level. This may prove to be the first all-inclusive skin care being preventative, protective, and regenerative.

Take Home Message

What if your skin did not have to age like everyone else's? The future of skincare is here, working with genetically modified cells. Klotho Skin may prove to be the first all-inclusive skin care line being preventative, protective, and regenerative.