Henry Ramirez, MD
Southern Oklahoma Women's Health, Ardmore, OK

Dr. Henry Ramirez is a cosmetic gynecologist licensed to practice in several states. Dr. Ramirez was the Pioneer of the radiofrequency vulvar remodeling scarless labiaplasty known as Aviva/FemTite. He is owner of the Aesthetic Training Institute where he takes part in a hands-on liposuction instruction for doctors around the country. Dr. Ramirez is a respected speaker, distinguished lecturer and has traveled the world speaking to fellow physicians on the latest advancements in cosmetic surgery. In addition, he is also a Fellow of Integrative Medicine and has successfully built a practice that not only has great cosmetic results but focuses on a patient’s overall wellness.

Take Home Message

Minimally invasive procedure, using bipolar radiofrequency, that restores the function and appearance of the vulva by offering a non-excisional alternative to labiaplasty.