Mohsen Ghoreishi
The Kohan Group, Inc., San Francisco, CA

Mohsen Ghoreishi is the founder and President of The KOHAN Group, Inc. An architectural firm located in San Francisco California since 2002. Mohsen comes with 25 years of experience designing and working with healthcare facilities, specifically hospitals and private Surgery Centers. Mohsen created the “architects for aesthetic medicine” team at KOHAN architecture which designs and builds the next generation of surgery centers and medical facilities. You can reach Mohsen via e-mail at mohsen@kohaninc.com. Please find more information on The Kohan Group “KOHAN” online at www.kohaninc.com.


The purpose of this session is to Identify the Four Steps Required in Building a Surgery Practice by Evaluating the Hierarchy of Parts and Functions Combined with Clinical Abilities, Practice Management Tools, and Integrating the Design of Physical Office Environments Distinguishing the Practice Among the Best in the Business.

In this session, participants will be able to recognize their "Vision", identify a "Budget", outline a true "Timeline", and learn how to assemble a "Team" to execute their project.

Take Home Message

The very four ingredients everyone needs to know to realize a successful outcome are why one needs to Balance their Vision, Budget, and Timeline while having a great team to minimize their risk and achieve their goals.